Intelligence and How to Get it

Some time ago, I read a book called Intelligence and How to Get it: Why Schools and Cultures Count, written by Richard E. Nisbett.

That’s when I became intelligent.

The book has some very interesting research about intelligence. It basically tries to argue that intelligence is not completely in the genes.

Anyway, while I was reading the book, I started writing up some interesting stuff that I read, and emailing it to some friends. The idea was of course, to archive things so that, you know, when 10 years from now, I start writing my New York Times bestseller, I have access to all the material I was reading.

Now, I realized that the emails can actually be shared online. So here is a pdf that has all the emails in this series. When I was writing those emails, I was not trying to make them into well organized essays. Thus this pdf looks like a collection of various independent thoughts. I have separated those indpendent thoughts with a line made of asterisks.

I did the same thing with some other books that I read too. I will post their respective pdf’s here as well.